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Parallel Lines



Who We Are


Juss Inc is a luxury multi-divisional Art business with the following sectors: Juss Construct -General Contracting, real estate, concept homes, infrastructure-, Jussapplaud - Fine Art & Fashion-, Juss Tune -Music / Film production.  The business was founded in 2016 by an Artist who wanted to create change

What We Do

Our ultimate goal is for us to create groundbreaking change within the community and also for our art to be portrayed through a variety of mediums within all of our sectors. Fine Art and  Fashion for Jussapplaud,  Music and film production for JussTune, Our way of giving back to the community is through our General Contracting  sector, Juss-Construct 

(creative communities, galleries, properties and infrastructure )


Juss Inc. deals with a variety of products and services, all of which are aligned.

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